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the moments that define occupational therapy's 100 year history

From Annual Conference to the World's Fair find out more about the past 100 years.

What Was Inside the First Issue of OT Practice Magazine?

Look at the first issue of the magazine from 1995.

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Article From 1921 Describes How OT “Hastens Cures” for Wounded WWI Veterans

OT was only 4 years old when the New York Herald ran an article about helping wounded veterans.

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Reflecting on 50 Years of Occupational Therapy in the Medicare Program

OT has been a part of the Medicare program since it began in 1965.

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Work & Industry Practice Area: Historical Events and Milestones

A timeline of important events and milestones in the practice area of work and industry over the past 100 years.

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Occupational therapy through the decades

How has practice changed since you entered the profession? Browse photos from each of the decades below.