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State associations Celebrating Occupational Therapy's Centennial

There are many ways to honor and celebrate occupational therapy's centennial. Take a look at how some states are celebrating.


The Alabama Occupational Therapy Association (ALOTA) celebrated 100 years of occupational therapy by inviting individuals who made contributions to the profession both within Alabama and beyond their state to present at its 2017 Spring Conference & Centennial Celebration. These individuals included: Susan Denham, EdD, OTR/L, CHT, Marjorie Scaffa, PhD, OTR/l, FAOTA, Mary Warren, PhD, OTR/L, SLVT, FAOTA, Lesly James, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, and Jan Rowe, DrOT, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA.


The Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) raised funds to create a float for the 2017 Rose Bowl Parade.


Members of the Colorado General Assembly commended the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado and thanked all occupational therapy practitioners. The governor of Colorado issued a proclamation instituting April as Occupational Therapy Month.


The Illinois Occupational Therapy Association hosted its centennial celebration at the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois. The event featured presentations and displays articulating the progress of occupational therapy over the century.


The Maryland Occupational Therapy Association is celebrating the centennial by exploring the history of occupational therapy in Maryland. From the road to occupational therapy licensure to profiles of important historical figures, check out the historical resources on the MOTA website.


In addition to hosting AOTA's 2017 Annual Conference & Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia, PA, the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association headed to Harrisburg to pass a House resolution recognizing April as Occupational Therapy Month.

New york

On June 2 to 3, 2017, Clifton Springs, New York will celebrate OT’s 100th anniversary during its 2017 Sulphur Springs Festival. 

The community of Clifton Springs invites all occupational therapy practitioners to celebrate the anniversary of the Consolation House Meeting and the OT Centennial in the village where the founding of the profession had its roots.  

Learn more about this event and get updates here. You can find additional information here.


House Resolution No. 232

The State of Tennessee honored occupational therapy’s 100th anniversary in House Joint Resolution No. 232.

The Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association hosted a free carnival to celebrate OT’s Centennial and to raise awareness of an adapated playground, Mary’s Magical Place, which will be built in Hendersonville. 

The carnival had games, crafts, and activities that allowed children of all abilities to participate. Read more.


The Utah Occupational Therapy Association had a centennial-themed Hill Day for Utah state legislators.


The Vermont Occupational Therapy Association had a resolution passed by the Vermont House of Representatives commemorating the 100th anniversary of occupational therapy.

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